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Error on SQL Server install

Hi I've just spent the last two days trying to install SQL Server, as I need it for my accounting sage software. I've been on all sorts of sites and I'm still no further forward. I'm no Techie. I've installed/uninstalled and very nearly re-installed windows 10. However I'm reluctant to do this as it would mean re-installing all my software programes. Message on error reads "SqlEngineDBStartConfig_install_Cpu64" I then tried verision 2016, but this gave me Exit Code - 2061893607.
I've been in my programmes and Features and turned on .NET Framework.
I don't really understand the working of a laptop, can someone please help.
I'm running windows 10 with x64 (whatever that means lol)

Is that the sum total of the error message?

I suspect that the installer is keeping a Log File of the install, which would then shed much more light on the problem, but I'm afraid I don't know where the LOG file might be nor what it is called, hopefully someone else here can make a suggestion.

You might try searching (the whole disk) for *.LOG with a recent date - can't guarantee that it has a LOG filename extension though, sorry.

Is your sql install from a CD? might be corrupted files. you might want to get a fresh install and try installing from disk and not CD.

I have deleted all the log files. I am trying to download from the internet. It does say there is a prerequisite - Before you get started read the resources folder, however I can't even find this.

I am trying to download from the internet. I only have a CD drive on my laptop, where would I get this from on CD?