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Error code -443

I am getting the following error and any help is appreciated

The input parameters for this modules has 3 arrays calling these particular fields from the SP is becoming a challenge. I need to pass 3 similar arrays in the INOUT parameters to receive the results

SQL State: 38501 Vendor Code: -443 Message: [CEE9901] Application error. MCH1202 unmonitored by MER037 at statement 0000082000, instruction X'0000'. Cause . . . . . : The application ended abnormally because an exception occurred and was not handled. The name of the program to which the unhandled exception is sent is MER037 MER037 INZMOD. The program was stopped at the high-level language statement number(s) 0000082000 at the time the message was sent. If more than one statement number is

you'll need to provide DDL and Sample data as well as the proc and how you are calling it. SQL does not have arrays, so how are you passing those into the proc? The error above is not a SQL error, but I assume it's the error you are receiving when trying to call it from your application.

Maybe this will help ??