Error 15466 when executing a store procedure

I have a store procedure that runs the xp_cmdshell with a user with sysadmin right.(it was created by someone else long time ago). For securities purposes I need to remove the sysadmin right from this user. So I created a proxy account and gave execute to this user on the xp_cmdshell (practically followed the steps how to run xp_cmdshell with a non sysadmin user ). But when I run the store procedure I am getting the below error:

error number 15466 severity 16 errorline 1 An error occurred during decryption.

I use sql server 2008

i dont know what i am missing, pls help



this method sounds a bit out of the ordinary. user given permission to run sproc. Why and how do they run stored procedure?

let me detail this:

it is a customized program that executes a store procedure "spVerifyDATA" , the store procedures exec xp_cmdshell .

the sql user connecting is a sysadmin

the customized program that you use is connecting to the database using a sql user? did I understand that correctly?


I'm assuming you followed the steps listed in this blog:

Or something similar?

The error sounds like it could be an issue with the service master keys or the database master keys.

Hi Graz,
the proxy account was already created by someone else long time ago. I checked that the xp_cmdshell configuration is enabled and the proxy account is created with a Windows account. Is any way I can check else that is configured ok or not ?
I don't know what it can be this decryp error and how to fix it.