Error 11 - database disk image is malformed -- Help!

Hi everyone,

From a photo-album program, where the pages for a photo album can be designed before sending it to a printing agency, I got the message "The project cannot be opened because the error "11 - database disk image is malformed" occured.

The concerning album project has around 150 hours and passion in it, so I am desperate to get running. Any advise is highly appreciated!

The software tool is called Album Designer Pro (from one of the agency's). Looking at the file names, the program seems to date from 2012, with updates up to 05-16.

What happened: The PC froze and gave a blue screen. I had to switch it off and reset it. Meanwhile, it performed a Windows update, although I feel that that has no influence. After the restart, I restarted the program, and this error occured after attempting to open the selected project that was open before the crash.

After searching the internet, I noticed the fault to be known, and possibly related to SQL. I am "normal" computer literate, but no IT specialist. The project-file is a 65MB file called ****.prj. There is another file called "autosave" (no ext), around the same size. Renaming them did not work: now they don't appear in the list of the program anymore. I'll try to fix that.

Please help! Thank you all tremendously!

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It might be related to some sql product but I doubt it is microsoft sql server.
prj files are indeed some sort ofdata files. if I was you I would not tinker around with renaming files and you might lose everything. Look under your roaming appdata folder for the real files. or better yet call the vendors of this product

the database disk image is malformed issue occurs in SQLite database. check out the link for its symptoms and solution:

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