ERD diagram of a read only database with no access to tools

Hey Experts, I work in govt restricted, with read only access provided. I cannot download any third party and I tried to export the database, but restrictions blocked me.
I am a technical BA, my manager thinks, I don't need beyond query, but I need ERD diagrams. There is no help to ask someone with access to provide me access. Basically, finish my contract in 6 months and move on but to understand the system, I need to make my own ERD. Is there a way ?
I tried to MS Sql server Mgmt. Studio, Database Diagrams -> New Database Diagram but restrictions blocked me. Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

If you are unable to download any third-party tools and you're restricted from exporting the database, creating an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) can be challenging. However, there are a few alternatives you can try:

  1. Request assistance: Despite the restrictions, it may still be worth reaching out to someone with access and explaining your situation. They might be able to provide you with the necessary information or assist you in creating the ERD.
  2. Reverse engineering: If you have read-only access to the database, you can still examine the database schema and gather information by querying the system catalog or metadata tables/views. These tables typically contain information about tables, columns, relationships, and constraints. You can write SQL queries to retrieve this information and manually construct the ERD based on your findings.
  3. Diagramming tools on local machine: If you have the necessary permissions to install software on your local machine, you could consider using diagramming tools that do not require direct access to the database. Tools like Lucidchart, draw io, or Visual Paradigm allow you to create ERDs manually by dragging and dropping entities and relationships onto a canvas. You can input the information you gathered from querying the database into these tools to create the ERD.
  4. Pen and paper: Although it might seem old-fashioned, if all else fails, you can resort to the traditional method of manually drawing the ERD on paper or using a whiteboard. While this approach may not offer the same level of flexibility and editability as digital tools, it can still help you visualize the relationships between entities and gain a better understanding of the system.

Remember, it's essential to comply with the restrictions imposed by your organization and adhere to their policies and guidelines. If you are unsure about any specific restrictions or if there are alternative methods allowed, consult your manager or the appropriate IT personnel for clarification.