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SQL Server database, ERP Wavesoft, upgrade operation from version 16 to 20. When I start, I get an error message saying "invalid column name 'MDTCATEGORIE'". I checked in the profiler and found that the error occurred when attempting to execute an update in the MODELETYPE table, which has the column name MDTCATEGORIE. When I look in the profiler, I see an ALTER TABLE MODELETYPE ADD MDTCATEGORIE operation that passed without any error messages, and updates on this table right after. However, in the end, I get this error message which stopped the upgrade operation. The ERP has no logs, I don't have access to the ERP source code or anything. The upgrade operation is performed automatically without any user intervention. The session I'm using is ADM with all rights. When I try to run an ALTER TABLE query on the table in question, it works perfectly fine. I really don't understand what's happening. Why do I have the column addition with updates on the table at the beginning, then I get an error message indicating that the column does not exist? I tried to see if there are transactions with a rollback, but I didn't find any! Any help, please?

If this is a 3rd party ERP software product (judging from internet search, it is) then you'll need to contact the company that makes it to get proper assistance. Any advice we give you that causes a problem could violate your software license agreement.

This seems to be the page to contact the vendor:


The issue is I already upgraded other databases successfully, I got this problem with just one database, the oldest one, that's why I think it can be just an SQL server matter.

Whatever the matter is, or might be:

...precludes us from giving you advice on how to proceed without getting official support from the vendor. Neither you or we know where in the upgrade process this error occurred, we don't know what happens after, and it seems that you can't restart this upgrade at all, or at least not from the point where it failed.

If the vendor's upgrade script didn't include error handling, and didn't log any progress, frankly that is their fault, you should be contacting them to complain. But if we tried to help you in the absence of all of the information I mentioned, we could open you up to a worse situation. I mentioned a license agreement, which could impact your support agreement with the vendor.

I've had instances where I made harmless changes that could easily be undone, and the vendor refused support, or any contact at all, until we purchased a new license from them. I've been on both sides of these circumstances, and can't fault someone refusing to support a system someone else changed without knowing what they're doing.

Contact the vendor, or see if they have a support forum, that is your best option.

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I thank you immensely, sir, for your time and your valuable advice.