Enhanced SQL integration : DR

I have an user that wants SQL to provide an option to roll forward their DR SQL database with any available log files on their DR site. In our configuration today, once they promote their DR copy (or use a clone of it) , they can bring up their database on that copy without any issues. They cannot apply any available log files to this database, as the database is not in backup mode and log files are not backed up appropriately to apply the logs to the running DR database.
They have been doing this with their previous systems and have now migrated to newer infrastructure. Do you have anyone who can get us a solid procedure that we can share and put into use? Any scripting that needed is not part of our current project scope, but they would be happy if we can get them some sort of a working procedure.

Any help or guidance is appreciated as there are multiple SQL users impacted by this

AGs are the definitive solution to this. Here's a good whitepaper on the topic: