Encrpyt/decrypt data


I have sensitive data in my database. I would like to encrypt those columns. I wonder if there is an easy way to encrypt and decrypt data? Actually I have a web API and I am sending those sensitive data to the client when the client requests. So somehow without wasting too much time I need to decrypt and send it to the user in my web API.

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If you search this on google "Choose an Encryption Algorithm", you will see a google docs site that provides you all the information you need.

It describes how you can work with master keys, public keys and certificates in SQL.

This is almost the only managable way.

At the bottom of the pages, you will find more links to seperate articles about encryption.

This is the modern day standard for websites.

I can't help you further, I only know the theory but good luck!

Here's the link. Good luck.

If you upgrade to SQL2016, or above, you could look at Always Encrypted: