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Edit Top 200 Rows

We all know about the option to edit rows in SSMS. The option has been around since the early days of SQL Server where you right-click the table name ---> Edit Top 200 rows. This is sometimes handy as a quick and dirty way of entering or modifying a row. But sometimes you need to edit a row that is beyond the first 200 rows.

Is there a setting in SSMS for the number of rows that can be adjusted up or down? I'm guessing there's not just asking.

No, it's just like you said, quick and dirty. It's basically to appease folks who migrate to SQL Server from MS Access.

Yes, there is a setting to change the number of rows.

"Tools", "Options", "SQL Server Object Explorer", "Table and View Options".

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As Scott pointed out - you can adjust the number of rows this returns. You can also modify the query that SSMS uses by clicking on the button to show the Sql pane.

With that said, be aware that this interface has a lot of issues and even for quick and dirty updates may cause issues when attempting to update or insert data.

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Thank you @ScottPletcher and @jeffw8713.
It will be rarely used and yes, I'll have to tighten up the column attributes to prevent "accidents".

Another good option is to add a criteria pane and put in filters that will let you focus on the rows of interest - perhaps many fewer than 200.