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Easy administrative burden

Hi, can you help me please with this question:

You are responsible for administering 30 SQL Servers located in various cities.
You spend a significant amount of time each day logging into each server to check for new alerts.
What can you do to ease this administrative burden?

A. Use the xp_alertrelay stored procedure
B. Configure the remote servers to use event forwarding
C. Set up Enterprise Manager to query each server for alerts
D. Use Query Analyzer to execute Transact-SQL code that checks for new alerts

The available answers refer to SQL Server features that are over 15 years out of date. None of them are particularly relevant to the question either. If this is for a job or some kind of certification, be advised that these are exceedingly poor options and won't benefit you professionally.

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Yes, it is for a test on a company... I don´t know who made it or how old it is... the thing is, I have searched about the subject but I can resolve it...

That was the main point I was trying to make, the answers/techniques are so outdated you're not likely to find information about them on the internet. It's a poor use of your time to research them, they won't give you useful skills on a job.

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They mention "Enterprise Manager" and "Query Analyzer" in the question. That hasn't been a part of SQL Server since before 2005. I would challenge the question saying pretty much what Robert stated. When you do so, be prepared to offer the correct answers for the current technology.

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Interesting. It seems pretty clear to me that (B) is the best of the given answers, which is usually what these qs are about. I've never heard of xp_alterrelay, so it's either a red herring or something I'm just not familiar with (which is entirely possible).