Dynamics crm report using ssrs

Hi guys

I'm busy trying to write a report that will return all account(customer) that is associated to contact(customer executive). I have many to many relationship between account and contact. where contact-1:N-account and contact-N:1-account. contact can work on several account and one account can have more than one contact working on it.
Report that i wan to build must show all accounts for each contact.
My query select C.fullname, A.customer from filtered_contact_account CA left outer join Filteredaccount A ON CA.accountid=A.accountid left outer join Filteredcontact C ON CA.contactid=C.contactid

where C.category='external'.

Results for this show not all accounts but few. On the sub-grid it shows all accounts

I can't share this results because i'm working on client sensitive data.

Please anyone who have idea how can i get all accounts.