Dynamic SQL Table Fields

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum. I'm starting a new web development that will export data to SAP. I have a data extraction that comes from some of the tables from SAP. I know the fields and tables. Fields can be changed (Removed or add new).

What I want to do is, Having all the fields in a configuration table and for the data save, not having a physical table. so when saving, it will save in a flat table like below

Key | Field_Name | Value

will this be practical when having a header table and a detail table?

Why do you want to do this? What will you do with the "flat table"

There are no fixed fields in the front end and it and add or remove during time. So thought of keeping the physical table dynamic.

Personally I try to avoid key-value tables. They are flexible, to be sure, but can be really bad performers. Sure, it takes more time to design fully and properly up front, but it pays dividends down the road. If you have a continuous-integration Agile-type work environment, ongoing changes can be managed properly and you can still stay responsive to evolving business needs.

I'll bet you actually have a number of fixed fields already. Things like Customer Id, Customer Name, Order Id, Account Id etc. tend to be pretty standard along with different kinds of dates.