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Duplicates within a field


I want to identify similar fuzzy matching duplicates within a specific field in a table.

I think the only way it difference(a,b) but it has to be run/checked for every entry vs the entire list.

I recall there is no looping in SQL, there are 'persistent derived' tables or CDE/CDT (don't remember exactly).

Which would be the neatest approach?


not clear on what the ask here is. Can you provide a sample and what you want to do?

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"No looping in SQL"? While it's certainly advised to NOT use While Loops or Cursors or Recursive CTEs (a form of "Hidden RBAR"), SQL Server uses "loops" everywhere. A SELECT is a machine language level loop behind the scenes.

As @mike01 suggests, if you could provide some readily consumable data (Create Table statement and some Insert/Values statements), we could probably show you a pretty quick way to do what you want.

It says so - right in some of the execution plan operators...like 'Nested Loop Join'. Sort of hints at there maybe being some kind of loop I'm guessing :slight_smile: