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Duplicate Database Name in Sys.Master_Files


We had a cluster server crash and after it came back up, I noticed the log backups were failing. Even though the maintenance job said it failed, the log backups were actually going through, EXCEPT for one problem. When I compared the databases from sys.master_files and the actual files being backed up, I noticed in the SQL Log, one database was listed 4 times. Twice it had the same Database-Id of another database, using the other database's log file. Any clue on how to resolve this? The 2451969 is the problem child.

database_id name physical_name
12 1051508 G:\DATA\1051508.mdf
12 2451969 L:\LOGS\1051508_LOG.LDF
16 1531793 G:\DATA\1531793.mdf
16 2451969 L:\LOGS\1531793_LOG.LDF
26 2451969 G:\DATA2451969.mdf
26 2451969 L:\LOGS\2451969_LOG.LDF