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Download sql 2012 express management studio english


I beg you to help me find the link to download sql 2012 express management studio english




I am trying to download
I chose ENU \ x64 \ SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe

I find entreprise manager?


Where? When I go to the link I find:

ENU\x64\SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe132.3 MB
ENU\x64\SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe1.3 GB
ENU\x64\SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe669.9 MB
ENU\x64\SqlLocalDB.MSI33.0 MB
ENU\x64\SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe600.2 MB

No mention of anything called "enterprise manager"


sorry, Managementstudio


Oh well that's just SSMS. YOu want the whole thing. What I usually do is take the largest download for my platform. That usually means "get everything I might need". Of course, sometimes that's wrong. Still, it's my rule of thumb and the correct choice here. So, using that rule I'd ger

ENU\x64\SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe1.3 GB

PS. there's another option. Sql Server Developer edition. It'll cost you about 50 bucks but is identical to the full Enterprise version except for licensing.