Download ms sql server management studio express


Whenever i tried to download ms sql server management studion express or ms sql server any version in my windows 7..i got an error like "the web page can not be displayed".

Pls assist me how to download from microsoft website.

Thanks in advance.


attached screen shot for your reference.

Pls assist on this.


seems like now it required to login with LIVE ID and registered before able to download

try via this page


Now i managed to download MS SQL management studio, but i could not connect with database engine also does not exist on sql services.

Attached screen shots for your reference.

Pls assist on this how to connect and start work with sql server management studio.

Note: The server name is an default only. that s y i entered host name (my computer name). But still unable to connect with database engine.

screen shot2 - fyi

screen shot 3 - FYI

Check the SQL Server services, see is it started

Hi Tan,

Not to be started in sql server services.

Atatched screen shot for your reference.

Pls help.

Looks like you didn't install the SQL Server express. Download and install it

Hi Tan,

thank you very i installed and connected with database engine successfully.


i have a .sql file (.sql image) need to execute and get output from sql server management studio...

When i open .sql file from sql server management an error.

Screen shot attached for your reference.

Pls assist.



Any one pls assist for above qn??
I need your assistance soon.

Thank you.

looks like your SQL file is extremely huge ? SSMS is out of memory as the error message stated

Hi Tan,

Okay...if like that...this condition how to execute whole file in SSMS.

I need to execute and get output.. as well..

Pls assist.

what does the file do, possible to break up into smaller chunk ?

Hi Tan,

My file`s size has 5.89GB in same file. Its could not break down.

If have to break down..may i know how to do that?
If not can i know how to execute whole file (5.89GB) in SSMS.

Pls assist.

Try using sqlcmd Utility

Hi Tan,

May i know what is the exact query to use for break up the huge file in sqlcmd?

Pls help...

There isn't any tool or query that can do that automatically.

Use a text editor. You will required to understand what the SQL file is doing in order to split to several SQL file.

SQLCMD is just a command line tools. You can use that to execute the SQL file instead of SSMS as you have problem loading your file there.