Downgrade sql 2017 to 2014


I got a requirement to downgrade Standard 2017 to SQL 2014.

What is the procedure to downgrade?




Why the downgrade?

Maybe install a new instance of 2014 on existing server or a new server and restore db(s)

Back up everything, uninstall 2017, install 2014 and restore ?

Two things:

  1. You cannot do a in-place downgrade. So you will need to install a separate instance of SQL Server version 2014.

  2. You cannot backup a database and restore it to an earlier version. So you cannot take a backup on SQL 2017 and restore it on your new SQL 2014. You will need to generate scripts to migrate the database and then import the data from SQL 2017.

Microsoft doesn't make it easy to downgrade to an older version.

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can you change the db to run in SQL 2014 compatibility instead? what is the reason for the downgrade?

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