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Double quote issue in the source file in .CSV file

Hi Guys,

Here is the one Data from my source is erroring out.
"E:60 Pic: 20 years and 11 seconds" - The Travis Loy Story"",

The source file is in .csv format and In SSIS Flat file source I am using TEXT QUALIFIER = ". He is removing first " in the source file but the second one. If I remove second double quote (")
from the file, it is working. Any advice how can I fix this issue?

The data is corrupt. I'd push the problem back up to the source. as it is, how can you tell what it should be:

"E:60 Pic: 20 years and 11 seconds - The Travis Loy Story",

Is that what it should be? but then, in the general case, how would you know? If the data is:

"Beef ribs boudin spare ribs turkey." Swine tongue t-bone"",

should that be:

"Beef ribs boudin spare ribs turkey. Swine tongue t-bone",


"Beef ribs boudin spare ribs turkey.", "Swine tongue t-bone ",

Basically, you need to have a firm contract with the source data provider and hold 'em to it. Otherwise you'll be fixing files manually forever

exactly. very arbitrary ==> you will run into another issue later on. another option is eliminate all double quotes because based on this http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=13889431 there is no quotation mark

Of course, if another row had an embedded comma, you'd need to use text qualifiers

another option is to use different qualifiers. the bar


for example

I rarely see a CSV that is fully implemented, and I'm not sure that SQL's import tools honour that specification anyway?

This is my understanding of how a "complex" CSV file should be written

CSV Vaule    Col1 Col2   Col3
A,B,C         A   B      C
A,"B,B,B",C   A   B,B,B  C
A,"B,"",B",C  A   B,",B  C

It is OK to have every column quoted, if that is easier to produce, the quoting doesn't have to be constrained to only values that need it :slight_smile:

But, either way, CSV can't handle line breaks (well ... I can't see any reason why it should NOT - the Quote-Wrapping can handle that, but I've never come across any CSV import that didn't consider end-of-line to also be end-of-row