Does system locale interfere when moving SQL data

Hi We have two SQL servers. One with system locale SWEDISH and the other with locale United States. When moving SQL tables between the server databases will the different locales be a problem? I'm thinking of how the decimales are treated.

numeric data is locale-agnostic in how it is stored.

The more worrisome problem would be the collations of the string data. If the two servers have different default collations (which is likely unless someone has forced the change), your string comparisons can fail.

For example, suppose you had a stored procedure in your database that created a temp table and code that compared the data that you insert into this table against the data from a base table. By default, the temp tables will use the collation of the tempdb, which is the server collation (or more precisely the collation of the model database). When you move from Swedish to US server, the collation of the temp table can be different, and your string comparisons can fail complaining about collation conflict.

Hi. Ok Thx. I have tested and actually it works I have flowed data between the SQL servers with different system setup of the local, which also mean regional settings. As I understand the locals and regional settings matters when you have e.g. an application or when you display the result. /nygge

Ok thx. we have the same collation so that would not make any problems. BR /nygge