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Does Installing ACE OLEDB Providers Require a Reboot?

Good morning,
To be able to export to Excel in SSIS, I first need to install the Microsoft ACE OLEDB (32 bit) provider onto the SQL Server. Not exactly a SQL Server admin
question but does anyone know if this will require a reboot of the server (or even a bounce of the SQL service)?

You probably don't need to install the 32-bit version on the server - only the 64-bit version should need to be installed on the server, unless you are specifically telling SQL Server Agent and/or configuring your packages to run in 32-bit mode.

A restart shouldn't be needed.

or you can use other methods to do that.

to name a few

What do the instructions say on the Microsoft site you're downloading from?

@JeffModen I read Install instructions, details and Other Info and there is no mention of a restart.


@DBAforever - Perfect. Since you said you were new at this, I wanted to make sure you did due diligence.

One of the things that MS actually is pretty good at is letting us know if an install is going to require a restart or reboot. Absence of such information is a really good sign that it won't actually require one.

Shifting gears a bit, I can tell you that the ACE Driver installation code checks for 32 bit applications and, if present, won't allow the install. DO NOT UNINSTALL ANYTHING FOR THIS! It's stupid that they have such a "trap" in the code because if you do the "silent" install, it works just fine. And, no... I've installed it many times before. It doesn't require a reboot of the system. For SQL Server, it also doesn't require a restart of the services. I don't know if it requires a restart of SSIS because I don't use SSIS for spreadsheets or anything else. I do it all in T-SQL.

If you run into that issue and can't figure out how to do the silent install, post back and we can help there. I'd tell you now but I'm at work and don't have what I need to tell you how and would end up reading the help in the system, just like you.

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Thanks, @JeffModen. I value your expertise. This is a business-critical production db server so we're being cautious.