Do you guys know a good place to learn SQL?

Hi all, my name is Mia and I am 12 years old trying to learn SQL
My brother went to another country for his new job and he no longer has the time to teach me and I am often alone at home as my parents have to work too.
I hope to one day work in software like him c:
I currently and practice watched a few youtube videos but I feel like it is not enough for me and sometimes hard to understand, do you know better places with more practice or books that you read to help you learn more?
My parents always make me use website like khanacademy and studypug for my maths and chemistry, but I don't see any place on the site about SQL but I like the way they teach
My brother told me to come on here to ask if I need help, if you guys can help me that would be great I don't want to bother my brother too often Thank you (((:

WC3Schools has very good beginner tutorials

Hello Mia, that's a cute note!
Download management Studio on you machine and start creating TBLS and check sites for example. As jotorre suggested go to WC3School as well.

you should prefer any book written by C Balagoswamy. Don't forget the practice, it's the key to learning.