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Difference in database content after restore-SQL server 2014



hi all,

Not had this happen before, and am at a loss to explain why to application team.
There is difference in content of the scalar function after restoration.The space between two commas in function is missing after restore.

Prod version:Microsoft SQL Server 2014(sp1) - 12.0.4100.1 (X64)
Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.3 (Build 9600: ) (Hypervisor)

Dev version:Microsoft SQL Server 2014(RTM) - 12.0.2000.8 (X64) Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.3 (Build 9600: ) (Hypervisor)

There is automatic job configured in DEV database for DEV DB refresh,which functions as below.
I dont think path level can make difference in content of the database,Kindly share your inputs on this.

--In Production server
step 1:Takes backup of PROD database to N/W path.

--In DEV server

Step 1:Copy the production backup to Dev server
step 2 :restores it on DEV database.


Covering the basics: No chance that the Restore has restored an older backup? Presumably there is some "recent" data on Production that you can check is now present on the DEV version, to confirm that "latest backup was restored".

The date, time and name of backup file which was restored is also available to query in MSDB.


Thanks Kristen..i have done check on below points,but didn't get any clue.

1)the creation date of functions on both prod and Dev has been checked.
production -2016-05-03
Dev - in between the restoration start and end time.
(i.e -scalar function creation date on 2016-06-07 01:30:04.303 and restoration start @2016-06-07 01:01:46.033 and end @2016-06-07 00:45:53.000)

will there be anyother reason for this,there was no manual change done on content of the function..App team is nagging on this but i dont get any direction from where to start..


You have different patches applied in both environments - what is the scalar function doing and is it possibly calling something that has been corrected with a patch?


I don't think Create Date changes if the object is modified using ALTER (rather than DROP / CREATE). Might not be relevant, but just mentioning it for "Belt and Braces" :slight_smile:


we found that there is post refresh script has been implemented by application team after restore.. :slight_smile::tired_face:


Ace! Good to have a reason for the difference, at least ... :slight_smile: