Dialects have a way of disappearing

Dialects have a way of disappearing. Vendors want to support standards, which is where they join committees. One of my favorites was the BIT data type in T-SQL.

At first it was what computer science people think of as a bit {0, 1}, but then Microsoft made it a real data type. In SQL all data types are NULL-able {0, one, null}. This really screwed up a lot of code (and made me a fortune, cleaning up T-SQL databases).

When T-or SQL only had the *= version of outer join, I would write code and insert the ANSI infixed outer join version of the query as a comment. My clients only had to comment out the old code and make my comments live code. Your clients had to call you back, get billed again and get ready for deprecation.

While I understand it "job secure" programming, I really honestly try to avoid it.