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Development of SQL Queries


I am doing research upon SQL for my final year project. I am building a tool for building SQL Queries using C/C++. Can anybody help me let know:

1.How SQL statements (eg: SELECT, CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) were generated using only C-language or C++?
2.How the queries interact with the engine of Database for fetching tables internally?


Some reference for your research.

SQL Statement Processing

Microsoft SQL Server Query Processor Internals and Architecture


Thanks for it, but please give information about generation of queries through coding as I am developing a tool for generating queries.


What would be the inputs to your C/C++ program? And what would be the expected output?


In concern to my project's research,and as per wikipaedia, initial development of SQL queries was done through ANSI C programming. Many tools have been developed for interacting with database in the backend. I want to develop a similar one (but in different language) in which we can write query in other language and data displayed in same language. So how the programing can be done?


This would be like rewriting T-SQL and the API to go with it. I recommend a much simpler final project.


Thanks for suggesting.
Is it possible to write queries in other languages in the front-end tool using TSQL?
Can i have an example program of it?


Someone may have a "translator" program out there somewhere but I've never looked for one.