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Deny one table on database - GUI


Created SQL Login

  1. I have provide "Public" & "Securityadmin" at server level privileges.
  2. I have provide “db_accessadmin” & “db_datareader” & “db_securityadmin” & “public” at database level privileges.
  3. Then go with “SQL Login”.
  4. Expand database- then expand tables - and select table & select properties.
  5. In “select page” popup-window  go to “Permissions” tab  select “search” then select “Browse”.  here select “User”  OK  OK
  6. Here I choose “Select” with “deny”  option.  OK
  7. In query window “USE AdventureWorks2012” GO
  8. Then select * from HumanResources.Department
  9. But here display results…
  10. Not comes error message…

What are the options need to select at "Server level & DB Level", for this security..? why it is not working still..?