Delivery schedule table

Hello, good evening SQL masters, I have a Delivery schedule table (table A), and there is an actual delivery table (table B) and I want to create a table C which contains a combination of delivery schedule, actual delivery, and balance delivery per date, how do I do it? create table C, please help, thanks in advance.Herman

I don't think you really want to do that.

The first two rows in your Table C are just repeats of data from A and summarized B. Your third row is calculated and you don't want to store that as a table - it should be a query run on demand.

Put the data in an accessible format (insert statements, a picture is not accessible and most people have to retype it which they are not going to do) and someone will write the queries to select the schedule by part from A, summarize the deliveries by customer, date, and part from B, and create the running calculation for C.

EDIT: LOL. Bad on me. Didn't realize the original post was so old.