Delete files in SQL server management studio

Hi, I'm a new trainee and we use Sage. I've been asked to delete assignment vouchers, purchase orders and depreciation vouchers from a test database and to put in new ones. But I really don't know where to start.... small clarification: I'm totally new to Sage and SQL server. I don't know in which table they are located and when I try to read the structure document of the Sage files I don't understand much.

If this is the Sage you're talking about:

I don't believe we can be much help. Sage is a packaged software product, if there are items like vouchers, POs, etc. in it, then it will have its own methods for deleting them. Trying to delete them from a SQL Server database that supports Sage is probably going to cause a problem, and may even violate the software license.

In any event, your topic title "delete files in SSMS" is not something you'd do in Management Studio anyway. It's meant to work with SQL Server instances and write queries, it's not a file management tool, and it doesn't integrate with software packages like Sage.