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Delete based on .csv file


Hi There,

Need your help please.
I have a .csv file that has records with an id field.
I need to delete from a table if a matching id is found in the .csv file.

Would anyone know how I can achieve that?

Thanks for your help.

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Import the .csv file then use a join. If this is something that will recurring will the file name be the same?


Hi There,
Thanks for the reply.

Yes it will be the same filename.
What would the delete join code be?

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So you could save the SSIS and execute it to import the table. An example of code, something like:

DELETE Alias1 
FROM OriginalTable Alias1 
INNER JOIN CSVTable Alias2 ON Alias1.ID = Alias2.ID;

How this helps


Hi There,

I got that working using your code, thank you.
The problem is, the reason I am doing this is to clear out old records and make space on the server. Importing the .csv to a table reduces the space on the server temporarily.
Is there a way to not import the .csv file and just do it from within the database. I created the .csv by exporting the records I was going to delete from my invoice table and then using that resulting .csv to remove the corresponding Rental records.
Is there a way in sql code to delete any record from the Invoice Table with a date < 01/07/2015 and delete the matching Rental record with a matching InvoiceId.
Thanks for the help, it's appreciated.

Best Regards,


Import the csv into tempdb. You'll already have unused space in that db to temporarily store the ids until the deletes are done.