Defining Member Properties for an Attribute in SSAS ( Duplicate error Attribute)

Hi ,

I have an Issue While creating member properties for Dimension.

I have a dimension table name DimCustomer.

It has Columns

( DimCustomerKey(identity), CusomerCategory,CustomerName, CustomerNumber)

It has values

(1, Private, Scott, 1001),



Now I need to create a hierachy

CustomerCategory --> CustomerName

And I want CustomerNumber as a member property for CustomerName

I create a Member property for CustomerNumber by creating a new attribute relationship between

CustomerName(Source) --> CustomerNumber(RelatedAttribute)

and under CustomerNumber properties window i disabled that AttributeHierarchyEnabled --> False

and DiscouargeGroupBehaviour .

When Processing the Cube Im getting Duplicate Attribute error ( because of Duplicate data i.e Scott customer name has two customer numbers (1001,1002) )
please help me how to resolve this.

If I make a composite ColumnKey for CustomerName as ( CustomerName + CusomerNumber) it works but Same CustomerName Scott appears Multiple times

at Customer Hierachy , User dont want to display duplicates.

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance..!!