Default Parameters and "Go To" Reports

I have a report with several parameters that also contains a “Go to report” action on several boxes. When I set my parameters on the main report and click through to the linked report, view the data, and then click the back button on my browser, most times (not always) the values that I selected in the parameters persist, which is exactly the behavior that I want. This allows the user to click another text box to see the “child” report based on different filtering.

However, some users have complained because they would like a few of the initial parameters to contain default values. But when I set those parameters to a default, I lose the functionality of saving the parameter values on return to the main report. (I hope I am making sense of this).

This behavior seems expected to me, but I am being pressed to find a solution, when I really don’t believe there is any.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or any links for me to prove that we will have to choose one or the other, defaults or persistence?

sorry, I am going to take a stab at this... is this a WinForm? if so I have had success using a data source to bind the information to the index when the form loads. Respectively, you can configure a meta data table to populate the fields for any given user and update the values on the db when the eventhandler gets a change OR use XML under %appdata% to load the values without querying the db..

is this SQL Server reporting? SSRS? and are you in a Microsoft windows environment with active directory?

Yes, sorry, I neglected to mention that. This is SSRS 2008.

well you cant have it both ways if you are setting parameters on SSRS. so I would recommend the following, save individual user settings in a database table and use a stored procedure that bring these values back from this user settings table.

Wow, that seems like an awful lot of work. And even then, those users could only have it one way or the other, right? EIther default those 4 parameters and lose the persistence of the other parameter values on return to the main report, or select those 4 parameters on the initial run, but have them all stick on the return. To me it is a no-brainer.

yes "seems" a lot of work :cry:. so basically you are back to either on or the other?

But it is one or the other either way, isn't it? Am I missing something? The users could be selecting any variation of the parameters. It is not like user A will always use a certain set, and user B will always use another. (if that is what you were implying) If that were the case, then yeah, i could probably record each set of parameters for each user. But as it is now, all i can store is their preference of which variation they want, defaults or persistence.

Add a RESET TO DEFAULTS button? Select the report again from the Menu, rather than using BACK?