Debug option is not visible in sql 2016


we have instaledd sql server 2016 standard edition.
developers want to debug the stored procedure. In the management studio we didn't see 'Debug' option at all. I tried add remove button but nothing working. Please help me to add the debug option in sql server 2016 management studio.


Maybe while installing

You have to check box and add other
Things for this option to be enabled

Or it is already installed
And somehow you have to enable it

Or it could have something to do
With version
How 2016 is configured regarding
Debugging stored procedures

You can go to Microsoft website

And look at the documentation
2016 debugging stored procedures

Thanks for ur reply . The instaled version is ssms 18.1 which debug is deprecated by microsoft. Not sure y they have done. So I uninstalled the SSMS 18.1 And reinstalled the previous version 17.9 SSMS.

The Debug option is there in ssms 17.9