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DB Restore - File initialization failed error

Hello all,

I have a recent backup of a db and I am trying to restore it in a SQL 2012 instance. The db is about 165GB.

The restore process runs for a while and then I get the following error:

SQL Intialize File Error

I don't now why this particular db restore is failing. Any insight would b appreciated.



Not a lot to go on. My best guess is that the backup is from a different SQL instance. And SQL can't find the restore path locally that matches the one that's coming from the back up.

Check if the BACKUP File is corrupted

Another thing is check if the BACK UP File can be restored ( not actual restore .. but just can it be )

Hope this helps you

Just a guess, as the restore process is running for a while and then getting the error.
Can you try enabling Instant File Initialization and run the restore again.

what version is the sql server from which the bak file is taken from?
what version is the target sql server you are trying to restore to?
does the db already exist in the target sql server you are restoring to?