I have a SQL Server database and in one table i have 3 dates, all have the datatype datetime2(0).
When i link this table to an Access frontend database and open this table in design then all the dates have the datatype short text.
What can I do about it!

What do you want to achieve?
An access datetime will store milliseconds but I don't think it will display them easily.
The datetime2 holds a precision of about 100 nanoseconds and back to 1 jan 0001.
If you want that precision then you can't use a datetime field in access.
To link in access you will probably need to create a view and convert the dates - just to a datetime or maybe into two columns - one with the datetime in seconds and another for the milliseconds - or the date, time milliseconds separately.
I try to stay away from datetime2 because clients often have problems and it can upset optimisation.

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