I have a situation where I have 4 columns 1. Date 2. Start time 3. End time 4. Time in min

Now I am calculating time diff based on start time. I got a situation where start time is 16:00 and end time is 03:00 and when am calculating minutes it is coming in negative. But as per process it is correct batch started in evening and closed n in morning.

I don't have any other dates please suggest how to handle this

declare @d date, @s time, @e time

select @d = '06/22/15', @s = '16:00', @e = '03:00'

select case when @s <= @e then datediff(mi, @s, @e) else datediff(mi, cast(@s as datetime), dateadd(dd, 1, cast(@e as datetime))) end

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