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Date diiference of 6 days bewteen two date files


im trying to find columns that have a date difference of 6 days between two columns.

im using the following logic

(Instr_DM_Type == "FX" && [Instr_DM SubType] == "FX Forward") && ((DATEDIFF("dd",(DT_DATE)[Instr_Expiry Date],(DT_DATE)[Report_End Date]) < 6)? "CFX" : [Instr_DM SubType]

but it doesnt seem to be working correcly as some of the dates are coming back as a minus and so the logic fails. any ideas how i can do it

Do you want the ABSolute DATEDIFF between the two dates? i.e. the [Report_End Date] might be before, OR after, the [Instr_Expiry Date] ?

yes i think thats the problem some dates are after so are before so i probably do want the absloute date.

li want to know the columns that there is 6 days between [Instr_Expiry Date] and [Report_End Date]

there report end date for expamle is 31/03/2017 so if the expiry date is 28/03/2017 it would need to pick it up as there is 6 days between it and would probably need to be able to pic up a date lke 4/04/2017 as there is 6 days betwen it

anyone any ideas on how i can do this