Date conversions


No matter what logic I add to convert dates, it keeps converting them wrong.

I have some dates, like 7/5/2023 at 12:00:00 a.m., and I want the formats of the dates to stay the same but drop the timestamp.

I have use Data Conversion in the package, but it changes the dates to 5/7/2023 instead of 7/5/2023

Is there a way to drop the timestamp and keep the format of the dates?

Always use format 'yyyymmdd' (no dashes). That format is always interpreted correctly.

i have to use mm/dd/yyyy for the system the data loads into

"it" keeps doing it wrong.

What exactly? Are you reading in CSV dates? Are you querying dates from Web pages?
If we had some initial data and what you were doing to convert it, it might be easier to help.

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