Databases Activities

Hi, we have a bunch of servers where we are trying to determine if they are still being used by people or applications.

How would I get when a database was last used or if it is still active?

Also, is it possible to tell the status of all users for a server, when they last accessed data on a database?


few options here but it depends on many factors

  1. running SQL Profiler
  2. Create database trigger
  3. commercial tools that do this for you
  4. Look to see if there are audit columns : DateCreated, ModifiedBy, DateModified, ModifiedBy

are a few that I can think of.

SQL doesn't keep that kind of info. You can generally tell when a db has been used since the instance last started up. But even that won't work if the db has been stopped or detached during that time.

Thank You yosiasz and Scott.