Database schema

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I was just wondering in the entity diagram below why do we need the enrollment table between the students and course table.Why couldnt the enrollment data be put in the Course table? Is this so that each student will have a unique enrollment,course, and grade? TIA

From the diagram, you can notice that
ONE course - MANY enrollment

so what does it means if the enrollment data is in the course table ? How does it going to handle "ONE course - MANY enrollment" ?

you will end up like

Course 1 - Enrollment 100
Course 1 - Enrollment 101
Course 1 - Enrollment 102
Course 2 - Enrollment 101
Course 2 - Enrollment 103

Does that goes in accordance with the normalization rule ?

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Thanks! Do you have any good links to normalization? There was a time when I was pretty astute with the normalization forms but its been awhile and I forgot. Thanks Again !!!