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Database Migration


I am running SQL server 2014 version in an Azure server and now i need to move the DB's, reporting service to another data center server which is running in SQL server 2012 version.

When we tried to restore the DB we are getting compatibility issue as this migration is downgrading the SQL server version.

Is there any way i can migrate the DB's and reporting service from 2014 to 2012 version without upgrading the data center SQL server?

Any reply would be highly appreciated.


Dunno if there is a way, but historically in order to "go back" a version it has been necessary to export all data and reimport it, rather than being able to restore a database backup

As the 2014 backup not being compatible for restore on 2012 server due to compatibility issue,You can create the database scripts for both structure (tables, view, stored procedures etc.) and for contents (the actual data contained in the tables) either in SQL Server Management Studio (Tasks > Generate Scripts).
see here for more information: https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/2810/how-to-migrate-a-sql-server-database-to-a-lower-version/