Database diagrams removed? in sqlserver 2017


In SQLServer 2017 the database diagram(sorry not the class diagram it is database diagram) feature is not available. This seems strange.

Please see the enterprise version Please let me know asap


Manoj Gokhale

If you're using SSMS 18.0 or higher, the database diagram feature has been removed. SSMS versions prior to that should still have it, but know that the feature is discontinued and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

I have found the diagrams feature very useful. Does anyone know of a replacement?

Oracle SQL Developer has a really nice diagram feature than works with multiple databases, including SQL Server, and it's a free tool. The only downsides:

  1. You need to accept a license agreement that requires email registration. You can possibly use a dummy email address.
  2. It requires Java to be installed, and Oracle has changed their Java licensing agreement in the past year. Google for details. It may affect whether you can use the software against production systems.
  3. It's Oracle.
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The diagrams feature has been restored as of SSMS 18.4.