Database Design and complex SQL queries?


I believe from experience that no matter how GREAT a database designer that you are, or what exceptional schema design you use.

I believe from experience that after that designed, there will always be tough and very complex query questions that base upon your design, writing SQL statement will not be sufficient to answer that question. Instead it needs programming such as store procedures to set up the tables to then ease upon the writing of sql query to answer tough or complex sql questions.

Please advise if you also agree with my statement base on your experience ?

This has previously been answered for you here. I am not sure what this question you are now asking about is

Thanks for bringing that up. I read those two answer I didn’t sense the answer was straight forward or clear to my question. It was sort of explains what store procedure is.

To be clear I am saying that no matter how great the database design can be. We can’t just simply use SQL to answer some of our queries but we need programming.

All the same. As the word implies query is asking the database for an answer. So query can indeed answer complex questions
I just dont understand what you are trying to convey?

So to rephrase... you can't always get the output you need from a database with a single query, however complex.

Yep. I'd agree with that.

To rephrase again... sometimes you need to manipulate the output you get from a database (either in stored procedures or in code) to achieve your aims

Yep, I'd agree with that.

Thanks for the clear answer. That is what I thought also.