Data Transfer from MYSQL TO SQLSERVER

In Morning at 3.30 Am I have data in MySQL (1 Lakh data ) ,I want it to be transfer into SQL SERVER(TRUNCATE /INSERT) automatically in morning at 3.30 AM.
**Then at 4:00 AM again i have a data in MYSQL data same replica table is built in SQL server I want data to be transfer in SQL server table AUTOMATICALLY **

I want Scheduling of data from mysql table to Sql server table

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Use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and schedule a job to run the SSIS package at the desired intervals. There are several tutorials and guides online for creating an SSIS package.

I did that,I created the package also,when i am scheduling the jobs in sql server agent.It showing erro that,job execution failed,even i imported the packages also,please help

Did it ever work? Could you paste the actual error?

Sir,I have paste the whole screenshot of the error ,now what should i need to paste here ,

You posted the fact that you have an error. Expand the error and increase the size of the detail below.