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Data synchronization between primary and secondary replicas


Hello All, I created a new database in my primary replica (AwaysOn) gensql01, need to replicate it to the secondary replica gensql02. I am trying to add database to the availability group, giving me error on checking shared network location, the system cannot find the path specified. Do I have to have a network path or I can work around somehow else? please helppppp. Thanks in advance!

Creating local share folder

You can have a local share and make sure it can be accessible via your replica gensql02, then it should be able to get the backup from it and setup the AG for you.
Hope this helps.


Perfect! thanks so much!


I can't create the local share folder, can you please let me know how to create one? Thanks a lot!!!


hmm, there should be tons of resources to touch you how to make a share folder in Windows.