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Data Sync between more than two SQL Server


I have more than one SQL servers with same data schema/structure. One main server which online 24x7. others servers are locally installed on each client.

how to get the server will sync with main server.

manually its possible becoz in my every transaction table have primary keyno and location no, with this i can able to transfer data from server to client and client to servers.

server will transfer master data to the client and client will send the transaction data to the server with the help of primary key of table and location number with the help of xml import/export data manually.

But how to sync the clients to the server when internet connection available in client machine.

i googled it, and i found sql server replication, but i don't know how the sql server replecate primary key and location number in servers and client database.
becoz each client will generate same primary key only with the location no will get difference.

please help on this.


I don't know the way how to sync all schemes simultaneously. The step by step sync is possible. I mean the sync from A to B, from C to B, then from D to B and so on. To automate such sync use any MS SQL related DBSync product listed at https://dbconvert.com/mssql