Data migration

Hello team,
I want migrate old system data to newly developed system. Old system is developed in visual basic and MS-Access. Now migrated to .net and SQL server. We want to migrate all the to newly developed database. So for that client is sending data in excel file. so This file having thousands of records. So We have developed descktop application that reads the data, validate it and insert it in database. If there is data validation error we need add new column in excel to save the validation error in result column. We have done validation for each column in C# code. But as there almost 150 columns in excel and thousands of records. It is taking too much time.
So can you help in validating each column datatype if no valid then update result column. if everything is ok then insert records in database. If one column is invalid then update result for one and if many columns have issues then log issues of respected colomns in result column. otherwise return the table with updated result column.
Please can you help.
Thank you in advance.

Welcome. Can you please post sample excel data, sample db table schemas, and data types. Help us help you

Thank you for your reply.
Please find attached file sample file. I have created only one record for testing purpose.
In file first sheet consist field details and 2nd sheet is actual data.