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Data migration issue: Number of rows incrementing

Hello. I am using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard (2017) to import data from Oracle to SQL Server.

Data source: Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Destination: SQL Server Native Client 11.0

Every time I execute an SSIS package, the number of rows in the SQL Server table increases by one row. For example, if table X has 10 rows in Oracle, 11 rows are inserted in SQL Server. If the package is executed again, 12 rows are inserted. There are no error messages either.

Note: This issue only occurs for a specific database and it does not occur for every package.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is and how to solve it.

Thank you.

In the column mappings, can you check if append rows to the destination table is checked?
what does the extra row in destination contain?

It is not checked. The destination table is created when the package is executed.
The extra row is a duplicate of the previous line.

are any rows duplicated? or is the extra row maybe column headers?

Yes the extra rows are duplicates of the previous one, not the column headers.