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Data driven subscription for 2 reports

My goal is to have 2 separate SSRS 2008 R2 reports instead of combing them into one report. There is an existing SSRS 2008 r2 report that is extremely complex and I do not want to add another tablix with a unique dataset to this existing rdl.

Due to this fact, the user said I can create 2 separate reports only if a data driven subscritpion can be setup where all the links and/or data is in one email message. My company is in the process of setting up a report server 2016 that will be used in production in the near future.

Thus can you tell me if a data driven subscription on a report server 2016, can run 2 separate reports and send out the data for both reports in one email message? If this is possible, can you tell me how to acomplish this goal and/or point me to links (urls) that will tell me how to accomplish this goal? If this is not possible, would you let me know that also?

found this is not available in a data driven subscription