Data Dictionary Visualisation


I'm looking for a way to visualise the data dictionary for a sql database. Are there any tools out there that will help?

I currently have word and excel documents that get out of date quickly and are difficult to navigate due to the size of the database.

Ideally, I would like an interactive tool that enables you to drill down into tables and columns to understand what the business definitions are on top of the traditional data dictionary type info. Also
the ability to search for data items to understand how everything maps together.

If there isn't anything then a wiki style document could work, which would enable collaboration within the whole team to ensure it stays up to date, from both a DBA and business analyst perspective. But can't find any templates that would help me get started.

Any ideas are appreciated.
Thank you

I like Redgate's SQLDoc.

Another option is Visual Paradigm. It does a lot more than just an ERD.