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Data cleanup approach for reporting



Hello, experts,

I am trying to wrap my mind around the right data cleanup procedure. I have just implemented my SSIS package, that imports data and populates Slowly Changing Dimensions and Fact tables. Now I am trying to understand how would data analyst clean up data (like removing duplicates and fixing spelling errors that lead to multiple records in Dim tables instead of one).

  • Would the analyst query resulting Dim/Fact tables and update the ones that do not look correct? But in this case next iteration of incoming data will overwrite the results of this cleanup.

  • Would the analyst need to go into production system and fix the dirty data there? This doesn't look very sustainable as well, from security and data safety perspectives.

Also - is there any specific software that tackles this particular issue?


From what you are mentioning you need to look at installing Master Data Services and Data Quality Services which allows the cleansing of data plus many more house keeping tricks to clean and optimize data prior to DW import.