Data Breach

Hi Guys,

I am a SQL Server DBA right now working on GDPR complaince.
From a DBA's point of view i wanted to know what are the ways data breach could happen on DB side.What are the mechanisms available to detect data breach and solutions/tools available to handle data breach.

We already have TDE enabled and we are planning to implement always encrypted post SQL serve r 2016 upgrade.
We also planned to encrypt/decrypt values in table using inbuilt encrypt/decrypt sql functions.

I could get some details on internet about SQL injection, Database honeypot and some of the available tools like spectorsoft. But all these info are in bits and pieces. I am not getting a comprehensive guide.

Database honeyspot conceptually looks interesting , just wanted to know if anybody has implemented in your systems , if yes how can we implement in SQL server.

Thanks in advance for your time.

this course

covers most of what you need


Thank much gbritton.
That was a good course which covers most of the aspects related to security audit and compliance.
Just curious to know, if anybody implemented database honeypot and how to achieve it and the amount of effort needed to do it in SQL server database.